Story of the Week 7/14

I have two stories this week that I really couldn’t help, but put up here.

Both were written on Friday night for Saturday’s paper and I’m mighty proud of both of them.

Micah’s journey ends in pain, smiles

I’ve covered Micah before and I’ve been vigilant in keeping up with him.

Since surviving a suicide blast last July, Welintukonis has been through a lot and I’ve made sure to be there along the way.

This latest story was one that was beyond easy to write. Micah and I keep in contact on an almost daily basis. I know him and his family, including his 5-month-old son Hunter.

His story is just so compelling that it can’t be ignored. Most of the media outlets in the state have covered him to some degree since he’s returned home from the Walter Reed National Medical Center last year.

He deserves it. I hope you enjoy this one.

‘Trash mob’ keeps Thread City fine

This story just kind of fell into my lab. Googling Willimantic I found a “trash mob” happening this past Friday.

Not being the Willimantic reporter, I sent the information to my boss and we had an advance in the paper this past week.

So, on Friday, being the night shift reporter, I covered the mob.

It was, in a word, awesome. I had a blast. I had a photographer with me and we spent over a half-hour walking around and talking to everyone.

It was super easy because everyone wanted to talk. It’s certainly been nice to have some lighter news in the paper the last week, or so.