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–Instead of numbering them, I decided to have their description in the title so that people don’t get lost when trying to find certain clips.

Parking Garage Plan-11

No Freeze Party – 12

Storrs Neighborhood Watch Group

Firefighter Feature

COV schedule change

Local Lawmakers SOTU Reaction

Frustration Hits Committee

Tai chi advance

Area for beginners eyed at skate park

School energy audit reveals no surprises

Mobile home destroyed by fire in Eastford

Towns prepare to share use of heavy equipment

Andover sets charter vote

New Andover web site still has issues

Super Bowl rematch rallies fans

Police advise to keep Super Bowl partying safe


Proposed charter changes ready for Andover voters

Towns look to share transfer stations

Furnace fire damages Coventry house

Officials applaud Malloy’s vision

Farmers market will stay at homestead

‘Amazing Race’ on agenda for 300th

Coventry asked to STEP up with cash

Board modifies policy on school lunch payments

Nuisance fires linked to children

Andover Despite a reval, grand list plummets

Coventry officials are pleased with grand list growth

Coventry to hold a tax sale

Coventry has eyes for insurance savings

New training methods get Coventry feted

Early ed budget comes in with small hike

Coventry schools’ biz manager is leaving

New digs for DPW

Schools eye $1.7M budget hike

Despite diagnosis, local artist won’t stop painting

Lebanon budget Officials have some work to do

Lebanon mulls brand new charter study group

Franklin admits school budget a bit high

Housing authority’s snow policy leads to complaint

Farmers Market lease okay’d by council

Lebanon OKs wine sales at farmers market

Spoof job no laughing matter to Coventry DPW

Police probe death, stabbing in Chaplin

Local farm preservation effort needs $15K


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  9. Frances Ricci says:


    You have captured a common thread in all of your articles by bringing in the human aspect to the surface in your stories and that is a great thing! Keep up the good work, I am so proud of you for doing such a great job! Love and hugs, Nonnie

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