Teamwork is Key

I’ve blogged about teamwork before.

With a small staff, teamwork is in play on a daily basis.

Just this past Wednesday a situation arose where the news team had to make a decision.

Louisa was in a pickle. She had to go to court and cover an event at ECSU.

Michelle had something to cover at UConn and I opted to let her choose what I would cover. She, obviously, chose to cover the courts (this time it was Danielson Superior Court) and I covered the event at Eastern.

The decision was made in less than five minutes.

Why the rush?

The ECSU event was at 10 a.m., while the court appearances were in Danielson at roughly the same time.

This all took place just before 9:30 and we had to make a decision. I had no problem with the outcome. I had covered the toy event last year, so I knew what I was getting into.

To make long stories short, everything went fine. I texted my city editor after the event and told him everything was going to be great on my end. He thanked me for being a team player and Thursday’s paper had everything we needed to have. The front page was one to remember.

I could have complained because I had a tree-lighting to cover Wednesday night, but I didn’t. I knew that I had to help Louisa out and make sure we covered everything.

I think it’s big for reporters to be selfless in their work. You never know what’s going to happen, nor where. You just have to be ready.

Having a team you can rely on is hard to put into words. It makes the job much better and it creates a bond full of trust and, to be honest, respect.

It’s not easy being thrown into an assignment 20 minutes before it starts. It’s not always fun, but you have to adapt and do what is thrown at you.



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