Picking Stories for Awards

I don’t write a story thinking that it’s award-worthy.

I don’t know if many people do.

I’ll assume that many reporters/columnists may go back after the story has run and reflect on it. They may say it’s award-worthy or not.

I’ve only submitted stories for this year’s CT SPJ awards. We didn’t submit a lot because, for Louisa and I, it was our first “year” of being full-time reporters. There wasn’t really much to submit, though, a lot had happened in the those months.

Of the two stories that I submitted, I received two second-place awards for papers with a circulation of under 18,000.

I don’t think I wrote a post on them because I didn’t want to toot my own horn. I didn’t think that was right and I still won’t do it.

Next month is the The New England Newspaper & Press Association (NENPA) awards. Well, the entries are due next month. I have no idea when we’d be notified.

According to the NENPA web site, the NENPA is the professional trade organization for newspapers in the six New England states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and Rhode Island.

My city editor asked me to find some stories that I think should be submitted. I thought it was going to take me five minutes, but I spent a good 45 minutes going through all of the clips I could remember from Michelle, Louisa and I over the last year.

It was pretty crazy to remember stories that I completely forgot about. Some happy, some sad.

I also didn’t realize how many articles we’ve all written in the last year. It’s mind-boggling to think that we do all of that. I find that as a point of pride. We work very, very hard each week and we really get a lot done.

I found 10 stories that stood out to me, by myself and the rest of the staff, and e-mailed them to my city editor. I haven’t heard back yet from him, but I’m excited to see what he picks.

I’ve learned that reporters and editors think differently. I know that’s an obvious thing to say, but it’s hard to explain.

I like to think that I have everything covered when I submit a story for my editors. They seem to think of everything.

I haven’t gotten that far yet.


2 Responses to Picking Stories for Awards

  1. opiningquill says:

    Keep in mind the editor was a former reporter that has moved on learning from mistakes, miscues, and misprints of course they will tell you it was a lifetime of experience………..we learn from our mistakes and some editors are near genius from their time spent as reporters. Write with passion for your profession for it is noble work.

    • Hey,

      It really is tough picking stories. When I write, there is no intent other than to get the news out there.

      The editors here have decades upon decades of experience and I trust them immeasurably. They’ve taught me more than could fit on this blog.

      Thanks for commenting on all the posts! Means a lot.


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