No One Likes Corrections

I really hate them.

I’ve already talked here about a really, really bad one, but I just had another last week.

I really don’t know how I missed it. I have no excuse.

I thought I did my homework, too. I really thought I had double and triple checked this one.

Having the night shift the next day the story in question ran, I had to e-mail my bosses the correction. I think that made it worse for me. It was pretty humiliating.

I mean, how do you explain that you royally messed up? That never goes over well and I would have rather have done it in person. That may sound weird, but I like to own up to my mistakes in my stories. I know my editors respect that in people and that’s how I am.

I felt awful when I realized I had to e-mail it in.

The statement I made in a story related to a contract extension that happened before I started at the paper. I was briefed on it when I started last year and I had written about it previously probably 10 times in less than two years.

I knew this mistake. I knew it and I should have remembered it.

As soon as I got home after work that day, I had a bad feeling in my stomach. I had to look it up.

I did and realized that I was wrong in about five minutes. Yet, I was so sure that everything was fine not four hours earlier.

I couldn’t believe it. I sent my bosses the correction via e-mail as soon as I found out. I didn’t want it to linger in my head anymore. I just wanted to get it done with.

The problem? It’s never going to be done with.

Granted, many of our readers probably never saw the correction. That doesn’t matter because I’ll remember it.

I always will, or, at least I think I will.

It’s something that happens to everyone, no matter what paper they work for.

There’s just nothing college or anyone can say or do to make you prepare yourself for it.



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