Bad Days…

We all have bad days.

Some more than others, but we all have them.

They can happen for all sorts of reasons, obviously, but I’m not going to get into that right now. Bad days depend on how we react and cope with them.

It can start in the morning or right before you get home from work.

A bad day is a bad day.

They aren’t the end of the world, but they can sure feel like it.

When I’m having a bad day, I like to distract myself.

I find that if I get my mind really thinking about something else, I’m able to relax and get things done. As bad as the day might be, I’m sure we all have things that I’m sure we’d love to be doing.

If I can’t find something to do immediately, I try to clean. If I’m at work, it’ll be my desk. If I’m at home, I’ll clean my room/bathroom. I have no idea why cleaning helps, but, if you haven’t tried it, I certainly reccomend it anyone and everyone.

Accomplishing things, while being in the dumps, gives you something to be “happy” about. I realize that it sounds silly, but it’s better than wallowing in sorrow.

If all of that fails, I would then say you should exercise. I don’t care if it’s working out or just going for a walk, it’ll help you out. Getting the frustrations out is important and if that means taking the anger out on some weights, do it.

Be careful about overexerting yourself, but you can’t beat getting healthy and taking frustrations out.

If you have enough bad days, you could even start a workout plan everyday.

Always keep your head up. You’ll get through it.

Things are always better in the morning.



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