The Fifth Week of the Month

On this blog, I talk a lot about planning.

I don’t think that will ever change.

One thing that I always forget about is the when a month has five weeks.

Not only does it happen more often than you think, it’s terrible when it does.

News tends to slow down during those months because there are few, if any, meetings. I’ve never seen a board or commission meet during a fifth-week, unless it was a special meeting.

These weeks can be tough to prepare for.

With me, I need 10 stories to get me through a week. Without any meetings, that becomes a tough task. I hate going into work knowing I don’t have enough stories, but I usually tend to work it out.

Not all of my stories are from meetings, but most of them are. Stories outside of meetings aren’t rare, but they are uncommon. (That’s for another post.)

When I find out there is a month with five weeks, I tell the entire news staff. I feel like it’s the right thing to do. Most of the time, we have no idea that it’s coming and any notice is greatly appreciated. I do it to give them the time my colleagues will need to get ready.

Like me, they use meetings as a huge source of stories. Without meetings, things tend do change. It’s nothing dramatic.

I really don’t think readers can tell when there aren’t any meetings that week. That would be interesting to know.

With the fifth-week, we all just tend to empty our notebooks. By emptying, I mean that we get all of the stories that we can out of the last three weeks. It’s not the best way to fill the paper, but it gets done.

I try to generate enough story ideas, so that I don’t have to resort to that.

The fifth-week is tough. Keep an eye out for it.



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