Making a Push in the Courts

Danielson Superior Court via

Danielson Superior Court via

With three full-time reporters, it’s really tough to cover the courts.

Trust me, all of us would like to be there as much as possible, but it’s just impossible with the number of towns that we have to cover.

It’s frustrating, but we make it work.

Even before this busy summer, we’ve started to make a push in our courts. There are several high-profile cases that we simply have to follow.

Let me say that again. We have to follow these big cases. It’s just a part of our routine now.

Most of the cases are seen on Fridays now, which isn’t that bad. We make it work.

Rockville Superior Court via panoramio,com

Rockville Superior Court via panoramio,com

Our city editor told us what we had to do at first, but, now, we do it on our own. We know when to go to court. We know who is in court what day. It’s an unspoken system, so to speak.

Right now, I think we have about 10 pretty big cases in the courts. None are at the trial phase, but they are slowly creeping closer. I honestly don’t know how we would cover a trial. We just don’t have the time or resources to devote that much time to something. I’m not worried, but I’m certainly concerned about it. No matter what, we’ll make it work.

The push in the courts has worked out well for us. It’s now something we can add to our resumes. It’s a skill that we can continue to perfect, too. Covering courts, as I’ve found, is not easy. Things change without notice and you have to be on your toes.

I liken it to breaking news, except the news is happening right in front of your face. We all need to know how to cover courts and this push is teaching us firsthand.



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