Story of the Week 8/4



I didn’t write any features this week. I stuck to regular news, with a court story and some breaking news in one of my small towns.

That breaking news turned into a scoop with “Lebanon to Franklin: Send your pupils here.”

It kind of fell into my lap.

And to protect the person who gave me the tip, I cannot go into heavy details, but it only took me an afternoon to confirm everything and get it into a story.

My boss said it was going to take a lot of legwork, but I made sure to get it done a day after I had gotten the tip.

After deadline on the first day, I made all of my calls and made sure it was even a story.

I had to confirm a few things and then call the “big players” to get the quotes and “meat” of the story.

Before I left that day, I told my boss what was going on, and that I’d have the story for him tomorrow morning.

I had the story written and edited with plenty of time to spare the next morning. It worked out pretty good.

It was a pretty nerve-racking story, though. Even thought very few people are quoted in the story, I had to call a lot of people to cover my bases.

I’m glad we got the story in and I’m glad we beat our competing paper that’s moving into that town. To say that’s a good feeling, is an understatement.

Read the story and let me know what you think.



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