What You Should be Reading: Bradley Manning

via rt.com

via rt.com

Manning was convicted this week of most of the charges against him.

Now, 25, manning had 20 charges levied against him after a seven-week court martial.

The private admitted to leaking the documents to Wikileaks, in an attempt to spark a debate. And boy did he ever.

The leak is considered to be arguably the largest in America’s history.

A quick Google search will help you find the documents and the subsequent video of civilians being slaughtered overseas. And just as a general warning, the video is very, very graphic.

Manning faces a maximum sentence of over 130 years and his sentencing hearing is ongoing.

I have no idea what this means for Edward Snowden, but it’ll be interesting to see how both play out.

With Manning, generals will argue that he endangered troops overseas.

And with Snowden, who knows what’s going to happen, since he’s been given asylum in Russia.



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