A Busier than Normal Summer

via wallchips.com

via wallchips.com

I think I’ve hinted at a post like this for some time now.

Usually after the high school graduations, things quiet down.

This year, the opposite has happened.

It hasn’t all been good news either. Without getting into the tough details, a lot of people have either gotten hurt or killed in the last month, or so. It’s been something that I can’t get my head around.

So far, every week has had something that has blown up our front page. To be honest, I don’t even remember any of the “nice” stories that have happened this summer. They’ve all been pretty depressing.

Our city editor keeps telling us that it’s going to die down and stop, but I have yet to see that happen.

I’m not upset it’s mad, don’t get me wrong, but the Willimantic area needs a break.

My mother worked in Willimantic for 10 years, while I was growing up, and I’ve never seen the Thread City this disheveled. It’s frustrating on a lot of levels. Any of the things happening there could have happened anywhere.

The good part of all this is that it’s keeping the three reporters busy. We are having a pretty tough time keeping up with everything.

Every time we step into work, something else is going on in one of our towns. It’s a good practice for breaking news, but it does wear on us.

I think it’s a good wear, though. We are working hard on a daily basis. Teamwork is something we certainly had to work on a year ago, but I think we’ve been perfecting it ever since.

We still have a long time to go for the summer to wrap up, but I’m anticipating the business trend to continue. Don’t ask me why, but call it a gut feeling.

I’ll be back in a week or so on the same topic to dive deeper into this busy summer.



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