Leaving a Meeting Early

via benchfly.com

via benchfly.com

It’s something I’ve only done twice in my time at the Chronicle.

For me, it’s easier said than done.

I should have done it more, but I always feel too guilty.

The two meetings in question are from the same town and, weirdly, the same board.

Both times I left early because I knew the board wasn’t going to vote on anything and I had dinner plans.

It’s an awkward situation.

I’m very close with the board I’m talking about now. They all know me and I talk to several of the board members on an almost weekly basis.

Getting up in the middle of a meeting is a distraction, I can admit that.

It also doesn’t help when you are the only person in attendance, besides the board members themselves.

My most recent “dash” was last week and the board teased me a bit. It was pretty funny though.

The board completely stopped what they are doing and asked me where I was going. I wasn’t expecting that and I quietly said that I was leaving.

I’ve never had an interaction like that with an entire board before. I was taken aback a bit, but I played it up.

I smiled and, when asked where I was going, I said that I had dinner plans.

Unexpectedly, the board was curious as to where I was going. I said not in town, which they all laughed at.

I told them the restaurant, which will remain undisclosed, and one said to “have a drink” for them. It was pretty funny.

I’ve had great interactions with most of the boards and commissions I cover, but I’ve never experienced anything like that.

It was hilarious and I couldn’t control my laughter.

I know it won’t happen much in my future and that’s okay.

I won’t forget that one for a long time.



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