What You Should be Watching: The Cheshire Murders Documentary

via ibtimes.com

via ibtimes.com

The new HBO documentary aired this past Monday — the anniversary of the triple murder.

I didn’t end up watching it On-Demand until later in the week.

I’m glad I did, but I have to say right now that it will ruin your day.

Like 9/11 and, now, Newtown, we all know where we were when we heard of what happened that summer day. It is burned into our minds, where the memories will never go away.

The documentary is real and it’ll ruin your day. It ruined my day, but I still recommend anyone to watch it.

I learned a lot of information that I didn’t know and a lot of it pissed me off. I won’t give anything away, but it reminds me of how the state police are dealing with Newtown.

It’s a long documentary. I hope that doesn’t deter anyone from not watching it.

I know most documentaries are one-sided, but I felt this one just presented the facts. You’ll see from both sides and, more importantly, the family and friends of Hayes and Komisarjevsky. It’ll really open your eyes.

If you do watch it, don’t watch it alone.


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