One Heck of a Morning



Wednesday morning was a morning to remember.

I really thought everything was going to be normal. I had a front page story to write on deadline and that’s it.

I had it all planned out and I just had to make a few calls. It was all pretty simple in my head.

The story was on a town’s new FOI policy, which I thought wasn’t going to give me any problems.

I was mistaken.

I thought everything was going okay until one of our editors, an FOI guru, noticed a few things that didn’t seem right.

On deadline, and close to our time to print the paper, I quickly made a phone call and found out the policy had several illegal policies in it.

I didn’t freak out.  I really thought I was going to, though. I realized very quickly that my story had to be dropped. And with 20 minutes left until we print the paper, we didn’t have much to fill the “hole.”

Thankfully, not 10 seconds after we agreed to hold the story, I got an e-mail that one of our local beaches was again closed for elevated levels of E. coli.

It was perfect to fill the hole we had, but I didn’t have the time to call the health district and get the story together at the same time.

Louisa, out of nowhere, asked me if I need help. I accepted immediately and told her to call the health district. She asked me what to ask, I told her and she made the call. It worked out great.

I got the story together and put her quotes in and sent it to Mike. It was shorter than I had hoped it would be, but it worked. Looking at the paper, I don’t think you’d notice. We all knew because it was a real mad dash to get the paper together.

We were only a couple minutes late and I certainly hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon.

I wasn’t 100 percent prepared for that. No one was. If Louisa had been busy, or the beach not have been closed, what would we have done? I don’t know and I don’t care to find out.

As a reporter, it comes with the territory.

It doesn’t always work out, too.



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