What You Should be Reading: Rolling Stone Cover

via usnews.com

via usnews.com

I understand why the cover from Rolling Stone has gotten so much attention.

It deserves to be talked about.

We’ve talked about it in the newsroom at work all week.

A lot of people aren’t happy.  I completely understand, too.

Some companies have decided to not sell the issue entirely. And I respect that, too.

It’s an emotional story that is still very fresh in everyone’s minds. It’s not an easy topic.

Even with all of the emotions surrounding it, many have come to defend the cover.

I’m not going to say if I like it or not, but, rather, show you one from a long time ago that could be just as controversial.

via gannett-cdn.com

via gannett-cdn.com

Yeah. That’s Charles Manson across the cover of Rolling Stone in 1970.


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