Plan for Holidays

Rockville Town Hall (Vernon, CT) via

Rockville Town Hall (Vernon, CT) via

Town Halls are tricky.

Not only do some have quirky hours, they have the sources town reporters need the most.

When you throw a holiday into the mix, things get even trickier.

Everyone loves a good holiday, just like town hall employees. Around holidays more vacations are taken, and rightfully so, which should make reporters plan just a bit more.

My desk may not prove it, but I do like to plan my stories out. I’ve written about it a couple of times already.

I shouldn’t have to say how important planning is. Prioritizing a list of stories and their importance is crucial to staying on top of your beats and keeping yourself focused at the task in front of you.

With holidays, whether the paper is printing or not, this responsibility doubles.

News tends to dry up around holidays, which isn’t a real cause for concern. If you have already been organized this shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m not saying this is easy. It’s actually really complicated to get and then keep yourself organized.

I’m not sure how other papers work, but we have a quota of stories to pitch each day. So, when there is a holiday we have to make sure we have enough stories for that week, including the days following the holiday.

As I said before news does tend to slow down before a holiday, but it continues that way for some time after people get back to work. Holidays are not a reporter’s best friend, but we make it work.

Depending on where you work, you may have the holiday off yourself, wherein, you should plan for some vacation-like time for yourself.

It’s crucial for reporters to learn to take a break for themselves.



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