Why I Became a Reporter

Last Tuesday was the first time I was ever worried about my safety.

For over an hour, police officers didn’t know where the suspect, Andrew Samuolis was.

I don’t think I realized how worried I was until I started writing that night.

After the call came in, I didn’t think twice about getting out of my chair and rushing to the scene. I just knew that it was hot and that I wasn’t looking forward to sweating all day.

As soon as I got to the scene, all of those minor concerns vanished. I was in the zone. That may sound awful, but, to be quite honest, that’s how I get.

This was what I went to school for. This story is why I became a reporter. This is what I’m supposed to do for the rest of my life. I knew, while I was at the scene, that I had to be there.

My job was to get as much information as I could for our readers. I never thought twice about that. I just did what I’ve always done– report the news.

Mike, my editor, kept asking me if I was okay, while I was at the scene. Each time we spoke, I kept telling him that I was fine. I’m not going to lie, I was seriously out of breath because of the heat, but psychologically I was fine. I was thinking clearly and I just wanted to get as close to things as I could without pissing off any police officers.

I’m not saying I’m special because I was on a street near someone who shot a police officer. I did something other reporters did on Tuesday and what reporters do, across the world, all over the world. What I did is nothing special and should never be considered so. I was just doing my job. Plain and simple. I’d do it again tomorrow, if that’s what had to be done.

Tuesday night, I think the shock/adrenaline wore off and I realized that I was really in the “thick” of it. Since there were so many police officers in the area, I guess I felt safe. Had I been scared, I don’t think I would have been able to really do my job.

I had always hoped that I would respond to a call like that the way I did. I’m glad it turned out that way.

I’m not going to pick a part what I did and how I did. I don’t think that would be productive. I’m happy with how things went and how I responded the entire time.

Now, I need to relax.



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