Story of the Week 6/17



Raising wages Most support wage hike

Wage hike concerns business owners Raising wages

I pitched this two-part series last week and I’m glad Mike liked the idea.

I think it came out great and I’m really happy with the way it came out.

Though I can’t get the photos on here, they all flowed with the story giving the front pages a bit of synergy that made everything stand out.

The stories are basically roundups about how people, including small business owners, feel about the minimum wage hike that I’ve already talked about.

I wasn’t surprised that most of the residents/community members I talked to were okay with the increase. I also wasn’t surprised that 90 percent of the small business owners weren’t okay with the increase.

I’m sure that trend goes for most, if not all, of the state. It’s a lot of money for both the owners and workers.

One thing I made sure to do was get a state Department of Labor expert to talk about the increase and what it could mean. It adds a bit of credibility to the story, I think.

Mike said “good job” on the series. That made my day last week and I’m looking forward to working on another one later this summer.

I don’t have a topic yet for that one, but I’m sure I will soon.



2 Responses to Story of the Week 6/17

  1. opiningquill says:

    There is a lot more to consider than the minimum wage rate in some jobs. This is especially true for a first job which is often a minimum wage job. The value you receive can be worth far more than the rate of pay. Here is an example

    • The rate could effect if those kids looking for those jobs from ever getting hired.

      If the businesses aren’t making the same money, they won’t be hiring as many kids.

      It’s a bad cycle and I don’t see it stopping.

      But you are right. I worked at a restaurant for four years before I finished college. I learned about teamwork, responsibility and more. I owe a lot of my current characteristics and work ethic to that job.

      Thanks for posting!


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