News Meetings



At the Chronicle, we have news meetings once a week. The news department works together on a daily basis, but it’s nice to get everyone in the same room every week.

We don’t really discuss news stories, but, rather, we pitch feature ideas for the next week. We use it as an opportunity to see how things are going, too.

With their being only three full-time reporters, it’s kind of nice to get away from our desks, put the phones down and talk about what went right and what we need to work on for the next week and beyond.

Always after deadline, we all know it’s coming each week.

Sometimes our lead photographer joins in, as well as, our head editor.

Pitching features, I think, is easier when you have both a smaller crowd and people that tend to think like you.

Our city editor runs the meetings, which normally run off on tangents that can range from the drop in district enrollments to how other papers are trying to cover things in our area.

There’s nothing controversial to it. I’d think we’d make a terrible reality TV show.

My favorite thing about news meetings is how creative we get.

I usually bounce awful ideas off everyone to see what they think and then we narrow down the topic and find out if it’s even feasible for us to do it.

It’s nice to get everyone’s input, while we are all being creative. It relaxes everyone a bit, too.

The every day grind tends to catch up with us, since we are a younger staff and to be able to break that grind is great. We all need to relax a bit.

News meetings also let us update each other on what important meetings we have next week. This helps us plan out for the week ahead, to see if someone needs help covering some of their towns for a night or two.

This way, we don’t have to find about things at the last minute.

Being a small staff, we really have to prepare for as many things as we can. When one person is out it’s a pain.

And we are heading into vacation season….



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