Mistakes Aren’t Easy

via thiiran-muru-arul.blogspot.com

via thiiran-muru-arul.blogspot.com

We all make mistakes. Journalists are just like everyone else, except our mistakes are, in every sense of the word, forever.

I’ve made my share of mistakes trust me. But, I’ve moved past them and learned from them. They make you stronger and give you determination to never let that mistake happen again.

At the Chronicle, all it takes, to look up corrections, is a quick search of our database. We have a paywall, but they are insanely easy to find. Anyone, if they chose to, could just search my name and find all my mistakes.

They are a part of me as a reporter, and frankly, a part of every reporter. We’re all humans, we make mistakes.

Last week Howard Kurtz messed up, show in the video here. Take the time to go through that. I’ve never seen anyone be willingly grilled like that before.

As journalists, we cannot pretend that mistakes don’t happen. No one is perfect and that isn’t an excuse. Mistakes are guaranteed to happen. It doesn’t matter if it’s on a town budget or a feature on the Amazon. They will happen, guaranteed.

What do we do?

We owe it to ourselves and colleagues around us to both pick ourselves up, take ownership of the mistake and correct it. You could even argue that you should own the mistake and vow to never make it again, but, as I said before, we aren’t perfect and we never will be.

I strive to be perfect because this job demands dedication or you’ll lose a step and fall behind. And we can’t let that happen.

For a list of the greatest fabrications/plagiarism scandals go here.

I realize that not all mistakes aren’t on the same “field,” but they are all still mistakes.

Your editors won’t be happy, but life goes on.

You have to put your best foot forward not just for yourself as a respected reporter, but also for your editors, colleagues, and your readers.



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