Extra Pens?

via bp.blogspot.com

via bp.blogspot.com

Last week, Louisa told me she ran out of ink during a meeting.

At first, I just instinctively laughed until she said she uses ink pens.

I had to look it up myself, so don’t worry. She said it’s more cost effective and I believe her.

She said she forgot her mechanical pencils for the meeting, as well. She described how, instead of writing everything that was said down, she picked precisely which quotes she wanted to use.

Louisa tends to get nervous and she said she was getting pretty worried towards the end of the meeting. Everything turned out okay and her stories didn’t suffer, but she learned a lesson. When you change your bags, be sure to change your pens with it.

I’ve done that to myself before. I usually bring three pens with me whenever I’m at a meeting, event or interview for a feature. It’s almost like a bad habit. I have one pen in my mouth, one clipped to my shirt, with one in my pocket. I do this before I lock my car door to go wherever it is that I’m going.

I’ve made it a habit. I do it without thinking now.

I may look ridiculous, but it works for me. I’ve had pens run out on me, while at a meeting, but I have my backups with me to keep me rolling.

Having a pen run out of ink is one of my worst fears. I’d have to assume that it’s also a big fear for many other journalists. Without a pen or pencil, (I don’t use a voice recorder) I’m useless. I can, of course, use my senses and observations, but what good am I without a pen?

Just make sure you have the right pen.



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