Feature Story Update

Features have been my nemesis since I was in college. I don’t know what changed, but lately I’ve been starting to like writing them.

I should rephrase that. I never disliked writing features. I was just intimidated by them. Read my previous posts about features to get my real feelings on features.

Lately, I feel like my features have really gone up a notch or two. I’m having fun coming up with the ideas and I’m having fun writing them. Each one is a different challenge and, weirdly, I look forward to them now. It’s a pretty big 180-turn for me, since not even a year ago, I was loathing my experience with them.

I’m becoming a reliable feature writer for the paper and that’s a pretty good feeling.

Some of my favorite features in the last month or so include:

I’ve had more, but I wanted to put some that I haven’t written about into the list. Some of them are better than others.

Not every feature I write is a Pulitzer, but they all have the same hard work in them.

I’m also trying to pitch more of them. That’s easier said than done, but I’m getting more and more creative with each feature. That’s not really my nature, but I want to have “colorful” clips along with my hard news background.

Why would someone hire me if I can only write the newsy news stories?

Employers are looking for a writer who can write every type of story there is; hard news and feature stories. Reporters nowadays need to be flexible and creative when it comes to their writing. That should go without saying.



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