Using A “Real” Camera

I took pictures at the Rusesabagina event and I was able to use our photo department’s “extra” camera.

It’s one of those nice ones (I couldn’t tell you the brand or model).

I didn’t have a photographer with me because that night was pretty busy. And by busy I mean we had two town meetings, two referendums, a charter school lottery, a mill meeting and my Rwanda event.

My story wasn’t high on the totem pole, which is the way it should have been. I knew almost a week before my event that I would be taking my own pictures.

With me taking my own pictures, we were able to use the event as a feature two papers later. That was nice because the rest of the week was a bit slow. We planned it all perfectly and it worked out well.

As for me using the camera, I was freaking out at the event for the entire time.

I don’t know why I work myself up so much. I really don’t.

I definitely felt more confident using a “professional” camera, but I wasn’t sure how they were going to come out. My “target” didn’t end up standing in the light the auditorium provided him and couldn’t stand still. I tried to take photos while he was talking, but they came out blurry and hazy.

That was certainly frustrating, but I decided, after many failed attempts, to wait until he signed copies of his book after his presentation.

I ended up getting quite a few decent shots, with some photo-bombed shots of unsuspecting people. I took pictures of him for almost 25 minutes while he signed his books. I really felt like I was being a bother, but he never told me to stop.

I really have to get a better grasp on how to get the right shot because I only ended up with around two usable photos for the paper.

Roxanne, our lead photographer, got quite a few laughs out of my attempts. She gave me some more pointers and told me that I  am getting better.

I’ll just have to take her word for it.

Until next time.



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