Rape Culture

via sparksummit.com

via sparksummit.com

Disclaimer: I’m no expert on any of this. I’m not trying to come off as one, either. This is as serious as things can get and I’ve really wanted to blog about this. I’m hoping this can start a bigger conversation. It’s something we all have to really think about.

If you don’t follow Matt DeRienzo,  group editor of Journal Register Company’s publications in Connecticut, you should.

This article by DeRienzo in Connecticut Magazine deserves a post.

On his blog, Connecticut Newsroom, DeRienzo already touched on rape culture.

If you don’t know about Steubenville and Torrington, read at your own risk. None of this is easy reading. And it never will be.

A simple Google search has thousands of articles on rape culture.

Marshall University has a concise definition of rape culture, with examples here.

In recent months, it has taken over the airwaves and the Internet. It’s hard to avoid, as it should be. I’ve covered sexual assault cases, but I’ve never covered a rape case.

You don’t ask for these cases, but they continue to happen.

Coverage of these incidents, as I can only imagine, is painstaking and taken very seriously.

I put more stress on myself when I covered the sexual assault cases, than I did with a murder. I’m not sure why and I’ve never truly thought about it until now.

Following the most recent incidents, DeRienzo said “we’ve only made it worse” and I have to agree with him.

Rape is never an easy subject. We all know what it is.

From my own loved ones, they seriously worry about protecting themselves day and night. They plan the walks to their cars and even detail how they are going to drive home, to ensure that no one can track them. Their concern, I’m sure, is shared with millions of other men and women throughout the United States and the world.

NO man or woman should expect to be raped, ever.

Do we live in a society where forgiving rape is acceptable and/or expected?

You tell me.



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