The Worst Job in America?



Apparently, I have the worst job in the country. I’m not kidding.

I should say I’m not surprised, though. Many people don’t have the whole sense of what reporters do, just like I don’t understand the responsibilities of a zoo keeper.

I do understand where CareerCast is coming from. Their explanation of why a newspaper reporter is last is typical.

From the release:

“The Newspaper Association of America, via the Pew Research Center, estimates that the industry earned approximately $49.2 billion in 2006. By 2011, that total had dropped by well over half to $23.9 billion taking many jobs with it, including thousands of newspaper reporter positions.

Editor & Publisher reports a steady decline in the number of daily newspapers since 1985, when there were 1,730 in circulation. The industry held steady near 1,450 in the mid-2000s, but closures in the latter half of the decade left the nation with a low of 1,382 dailies.”

That’s all fine and dandy, but what newspaper reporters do on a daily basis, I feel, is a so much more rewarding than many jobs.

I’d rather be a reporter than a oil rig worker, a meter reader or even a dental hygienist.

Now, I’m just being honest now. I know nothing about hundreds of jobs, but I know that being a reporter is something that everyone knows about.

There are hundreds of posts on this blog alone that show my respect for this profession, along with my love for writing about news. And it’s all over the Internet, too. There are also a lot of people that really dig into the profession, but that’s okay. No profession is without its doubters. And I’m fine with that.

If I had to do all of it over again, I’d do the same thing. I could have stuck to being an engineer and hated it, but I turned that around and I’m excited to go to work each day. We all know some people, maybe even yourself, who hate going to work for whatever reason.

I’m not in that predicament and I pray that I never will be.



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