Deadlines: The Pressure



I’ve blogged about deadlines before. Don’t Rush Yourself — How Fast do You Write? — “Seconds” Before DeadlineEarly Deadline and so on.

It’s been a common theme on my blog and it always will be. You can either write on deadline, or you can’t.

There are some ways around it, but they are far between.

I’ve gotten to the point now, where deadline itself doesn’t bother me– it’s those instances where others don’t go as quickly as I want them to. That’s all understandable.

Late morning deadlines aren’t conducive for most people, so you have to work at it. If you have to work on stories the day before, do it.

Deadline isn’t something to mess around with. It has to be taken seriously. I cannot stress that enough.

I found a NYT piece by Phyllis Korkki on deadlines and it inspired me to visit deadline writing.

In journalism, you can’t just buy yourself more time. It’s not as easy as that. In college, you may have a paper or final that you know about weeks, or sometimes months, ahead of time, but in journalism  you don’t have that luxury.

Even 20 minutes can seem like an eternity for me now, which is weird to think about.

It’s funny because in college they don’t teach you about deadlines. They try to with “surprise” assignments  but that only goes so far. Professors change deadlines for papers/articles all the time. We all know this. Some are, thankfully, more stringent than others, but, in general, there are no hard deadlines.

You can’t really teach someone how to work on deadline. They have to experience it. I can equate it to working in a restaurant  as a line cook. You either know what you are doing and the food is coming out great, or you’re sloppy, disheveled and slowing everything down. It’s not for everyone.



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