Playing Favorites?




I came across this business piece about a week ago and I wanted to highlight it here.

The thought hasn’t really come to mind because, well, there are only three full-time reporters and we all interact with each other on a daily basis.

There really isn’t any room for editors to pick and choose anyone in particular. If they tried, we and everyone else would notice instantly.

I’m not sure how being branded a favorite would help a newsroom, but it got me thinking.

Disclaimer: I am heavily speculating and assuming from this point on.

At larger papers there are much more editors and reporters. I’m sure favoritism happens, as it does many, many other places in life. We’ve all seen it and experienced it at some point. It’s nothing foreign to us, is it? Should we be shocked that it still exists today? Certainly not.

It may or may not be in the newsroom. But, it’s certainly out there in the real world. Reporters are all different and town officials and municipal leaders know who is calling them on a consistent basis. It’s no secret that some reporters get the scoops, while many have to wait to read it in the paper.

That kind of favoritism is seen all over. I won’t give away anything. But, it doesn’t take an eagle’s eye to see who is getting what stories, quicker than everyone else.

This all boils down to the power of relationships in this field.

You want to have fun while you are working. No one wants to dread coming into work.

It doesn’t have to be about playing favorites. It’s about doing what you do best. Each reporter has their own strengths and weaknesses and, after awhile, everyone knows what they are. It’s something we should embrace, rather than alienate.

Does your office need a bit more chemistry? What could you do to improve it?



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