Thinking about Graduate School


I never really thought about graduate school for journalism. I got my minor in political science and left it at that.

I thought about the money, but nothing ever brewed more than that in my mind. I wanted to work. I wanted to get my clips and I wanted to get going. I may have been stubborn in my thinking. I can admit that now.

I just submitted an information request from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism.

Disclaimer: I’m not looking to do anything. I want more information about it and I want to see if I could actually do it. Someone close to me brought it to my attention recently and I think I should seriously think about it. I have to put the money aspect of it aside.

We are talking about a serious amount of money that I DON’T have right now.

Maybe I should have taken my GREs after I graduated. I’ll never know. I’m not looking to start studying for them, nor am I excited about possibly having more loans.

I think I need more information on the idea of graduate school. I don’t know many people who have taken that leap. I’m not really sure I’d be comfortable going back to school since I’ve been out for well over a year now.

I really think I’m not confident enough to seriously think about going to graduate school. That may have been my problem when I graduated in 2011.

I realize that graduate school almost guarantees me a better paying job, but I’m not about that. The money that I’ll be shelling out to go back to school will be a lot more than what my first job will be paying me when I get out of graduate school.

I keep reading this Huffington Post blog post by Justin Cox of He writes about the pros and cons of graduate school for journalism. 

Then again, I know what I’m doing now is considered “old-school” today. I’m not doing a lot of the media-friendly things that other Connecticut newspapers are already doing. Some of them have been doing them for years, too.

With graduate school, I could learn and perfect the new media skills and really prove that I know what I’m doing on more than just a basic writing level.

That reason alone is why I want more information. I mean, I’m not going to be able to just write stories and take the occasional picture for too much longer. It’s just a matter of time, I think.

If you are thinking about applying to CUNY good luck. You have your work cut out for you. It’s intimidating to me just thinking about it.

If you aren’t discouraged just yet, try to see how you would do on the admissions test:

2013 sample test

I think I would do okay. I definitely wouldn’t get an A, but I would definitely give that test a run for its money.

Let’s see what happens. And when I get the grad school info, I’ll do another post.



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