A Bad One

These are the photos I took from the accident yesterday morning on Route 6 in Andover.

Two badly injured in crash

I got the call from Mike just as I was about to head onto Route 6 before 6:14 a.m. He told me to head onto Route 6 and find out what was going on.

While on my way to accident, he left a message saying there was a car fire in Columbia. It turned out to be the same accident, which was a couple hundred feet from the Columbia town line.

At first, I stopped at a gas station, across the street from where Life Star landed because I thought the accident was near Benjamin Franklin plumbers on Route 6. I was wrong and I had to get back in my car and keep going up the route to the actual scene.

I was pretty nervous at that point because I wasn’t sure if the emergency responders were going to let me into the scene.

I ended up parking my car close to the scene and running to the scene. I was the first media person there and I took full advantage of it.

I got all of my pictures off before I talked to the scene commander. I had driven by the ambulances transporting the two drivers. I didn’t take many pictures because I wasn’t sure if the scene commander was going to be leaving or not. I made sure I asked all of my questions and wrote about what I was smelling, seeing and hearing at the scene.

I have to admit that I’ve never seen an accident that bad. I’ve been on the job for just over a year, and it’s the worst I’ve seen since I started at the Chronicle. I was really surprised at how bad it was. I was expecting just a regular traffic accident, not a serious, fatal-looking, scene.

I had to wait for our staff photographer to get there, which was fine. I was able to keep an eye on things and ask the scene commander questions as I thought of them. It was nice to be able to do that because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with her later in the morning. I didn’t want to have to bother her later in the day, either.

Roxanne, our photographer, showed up a bit later and took her own shots and everything worked out great on our end.

After Roxanne showed up, I was able to talk to a witness, who saw the flames from the truck, and was able to make my story that much better.

I was really happy with how the story came out.

I’ll have an update later today on how the two drivers are doing.



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