What You Should Be Reading: Newtown updates

via l.yimg.com

via l.yimg.com

A lot has come out in the last week or so about Adam Lanza and the Newtown Massacre. Several warrants were released on Lanza and his mother’s (Nancy Lanza) home.

This isn’t for the faint of heart. This is the real deal. I highly encourage you to see the warrants for yourself, but I must caution you that it’s sickening.

For a summary, the Connecticut State Police provided a news release on the warrants here. It’s the longest release I’ve ever seen from the state police in my time, by far.

As for the investigation, state police provided an explanation that included:

“As mentioned, this is an active, ongoing investigation. No conclusions have been reached and no final determinations have been made. The estimation of completion in the summer remains. After the investigation is complete, I will prepare a report regarding the matter which will include an evaluation of the crimes committed and whether or not there will be any prosecutions as a result. Myself and the investigators ask that the investigative process be respected.”

For a great recap of the new details and Lanza himself, check out the NYT

The Hartford Courant’s editorial from Thursday is, frankly, a must read.  If you read anything today, that should be it.

It’s been a crazy week for Lanza news. It seems like every other week there are new stories about the shooting and Lanza himself. Everyone, even everyone in the newsroom, is on edge with the Newtown news. It’s not easy to think about it, nevertheless read the news about it. But, it’s something we have to live with now.

It’ll never go away.



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