Story of the Week 3/24

This week was all over the place. I have to say I think I’ve written one of my top 20 stories so far in my career. I’m not sure if everyone will agree on that, but it really was a fun one.

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES 2012 It may be spring but winter just won’t go away

It doesn’t sound as good as it reads. I truly mean that.

Mike had e-mailed me on the way to work. He said he wanted to do a different take on the annual spring story.

I wasn’t sure exactly what he was thinking, but I took his ideas and ran with them. What I came up with may not have been exactly what he wanted, but I think it really came out well.

We paired the story, above the fold, with a picture from last spring ( a cute girl going down a slide in 78 degree weather) and a picture from that day ( two college girls bundled up on their way to class at ECSU). It was pretty neat.

Before heading into work, I stopped in a small cafe in Coventry and a gas station in Willimantic. I had tried to go to a gas station in Coventry, but they said they couldn’t let me talk to any customers. I wasn’t surprised, but I wasn’t happy I had to find another place. As it turned out, the cafe was a gold mine of great quotes.

I went to the gas station as a backup and I ended up getting some great stuff there, too. Gas stations are a lot tougher because people aren’t dillydallying. They hesitate to talk because they aren’t relaxed. I’ve noticed that gas stations are trickier than other places, but  they do usually end up working out. It just takes a lot more patience.

When I finally got back to the office, I already had a 16″ story. I just needed some more quotes from area sources to fill it out. It really wasn’t that hard. It was putting it together that was the hardest part.

The story was an interesting take on how spring is nowhere to be found this year.

It’ll be intersting to see how long “winter” lasts.




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