Work For Free???



This Poynter post by  really got me thinking.

Sonderman himself asks the question of when it does it ever make sense to write for free.

I don’t think I could do it. I have for a stipend while I was at CCSU’s The Recorder. I was working much more than I was getting paid, but it wasn’t for free.

To be honest, I haven’t thought about it much. Have you?

In today’s world, we can’t fiscally work for free. It just wouldn’t make sense, right?

How could I forget that I’m writing for free today. I have been for a long time now. This blog has stood as my journal, so to speak, since before I started at the Chronicle. I haven’t blogged consistently for all of it, but I’m almost up to 300 posts. I’ve done all of that for free and on my own time. It’s all my ideas and words in one large place. I enjoy it and it really helps to keep me sane.

Many have questioned why I do it so much, but I don’t have an answer for them. I do it for myself and I do it for everyone and anyone that reads my blog. I’m not getting money for it. If I had to guess, I spend about six to 10 hours a week on here, making sure everything is okay. It’s a part-time job for me.

I write for money, full-time, for the Chronicle. Both are my passion and both are who I am.

I encourage you to read Sonderman’s piece and see what other, well-known, writers have to say about the profession and making money, whilst writing. It’s pretty interesting that they all have differing opinions.

Would you write/work for free? I’m curious.



4 Responses to Work For Free???

  1. The only thing I’d do for free would be contributing film reviews/writings to some kind of website. I’m not trying to make a career out of that, and I already do it for free with my blog, like you do with yours.

    I also wrote for free for a Rangers hockey blog site for a bit, but once they wanted more content over the SUMMER I was like…see ya.

    But once you’re considered a professional anything, it’s hard to see a reason to do whatever your work is for free. At least consistently. A plumber wouldn’t plumb for free! Writers shouldn’t write for free.

    • I’d have to agree with you Mike. I’m already writing for free, but it’s what I want to do. No one’s forcing me to do anything and I’m really enjoying myself. And like you said, we aren’t making a career out of doing the writing we do on the side. It’s hobbies that have really formed into “part-time” work in some cases.

      And that’s really interesting about the Rangers hockey blog. (I’d like a post on that lol) How can they ask for more, when they already know they aren’t paying you anything. People really amaze me.

      When is someone considered a professional writer/journalist? What or who makes that distinction?

      If I had to write for free to make money, I’m not sure what I would do. Would you write for free, if you knew (guaranteed) that you were going to make money?


      • Yeah the Rangers thing was fun. I was getting away with like a couple posts, whenever I want, because I was their minor league hockey/prospects contributor. So over the summer they were bugging for content and post counts because the editor changed. I was like…it’s the summer, I have nothing to write up, and I don’t have time to care. It was all for fun, anyways.

      • Yeah.

        Have you put that on your resume? You could use that right? I mean it’s writing for a blog, but it shows others that you can do more than one type of writing.

        And that’s the best kind of writing, when you can do it when and how you want.

        Would you do something like that again? Or have you thought about starting a blog up?


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