My Day In Court

via Vernon Patch

via Vernon Patch

I am by no means a court reporter. I actually am pretty intimidated by it.

I’ve been to courts before. Once for the Jason Durr case, when it was it was in the very early stages (Alleged shooter suffers from war-related PTSD), and in high school for a civics class. 

I went last Friday to cover Fire department sex scandal shocks the community Officials angry at betrayal of teens for the paper. I got there early and had to wait until just before lunch. I didn’t mind, except that I was told to go to the wrong courtroom.

I blame that on my unfamiliarity with the place.

I won’t say who steered my wrong, but, thankfully,  I didn’t miss what I was there for.

I worked myself up before I even got there. I should have just calmed down and focused. I let my emotions get the best of me. It took me awhile to calm down.

It was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t say that I would be a great court reporter, but I think I could get used to it. We don’t have the staff or hours to be able to have a reporter dedicated to any court location, but it’s something we have and continue to talk about.

Those are the stories that people want to see. Those are the stories that people talk about.

It’s nice to put myself through those motions. It’s something that I could put on my resume and say that I know how to do it. I may need a bit more training and guidance, if I were going to cover courts full-time, but I really think I could do it. I think that would help me say to an employer that I know what I’m doing behind a desk and in a courtroom, never mind being at the scene of an incident.

I imagine people like to see a well-rounded person. And I’m slowly getting there.



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