Uh Oh

A couple of stories/posts last month had me worried and if you haven’t seen them take a seat now.

Poynter‘s wrote this in early February, detailing the decline in copy editors since the fall of newspapers began.

Beaujon writes:

ASNE’s annual survey of newsrooms, released last April, found 10,676 copy editors in 2002, 5,675 in 2012. I should have noted in the first iteration of this post that over that time span, the copy editor category has also included layout editors and online producers, but taken as one, that’s a 46 percent decrease in a decade during which reporting positions fell 26 percent and supervisory positions fell 24 percent.

That’s incredibly scary and, frankly, something we all need to pay attention to. It’s not directly linked to me and my work, but it’s a huge trend in my profession that I have to take seriously.

We all know things are bad, but I never thought it was like that. It’s really incredible to think about those numbers.

Now, this is not meant to scare anyone. I’m worried already, so I’m not trying to scare myself. I like keeping up with the trends and what people are noticing about newspapers and the profession, in general.

A little over two weeks ago, I found this post by . He explores the trends even further and breaks it down for anyone to read and understand. I recommend giving that a read.

I don’t need to go into great length to say that my editors are great people and that I’d be nothing without them. The four of them have made me into a good reporter and person. I owe them more than they know. They all copy edit and the paper would suffer immensely with anything less.

That theme goes for the rest of the newspapers in the country. Editors, especially copy editors, are the lifeblood of putting the paper together.

End of discussion.



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