Getting Ready For a Storm

via the NWS

via the NWS (as of 10:30 a.m. Friday)

We had a two-hour early deadline on Friday. Something that I never thought was possible. All of the department heads okay’d it, though. It all worked perfectly.

The news staff came in at 6 a.m., an hour earlier then we normally do.

Mike had us write inside stories after deadline on Thursday, to make sure that we had enough copy for Friday and Saturday. The editors had the right idea. They were able to put Saturday’s paper together right after deadline on Friday. Everyone was able to get home and warm without the snow really getting too bad.

Plus, we now have enough copy to not have to worry about Monday’s paper. We’ve already planned an update story to the storm for Monday, which I hope to write.

It took a lot of preparation, but it all worked out. The news staff had begun talking about the storm on Monday, but didn’t take it too seriously, until we saw exactly how much snow we were going to get. We planned accordingly and everything turned out great. The paper got out on time and I don’t think readers will be the wiser.



Now, I have to dig my car out.

It wasn’t fun.




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