What Job Outlook?

via themoneyupdate.com

via themoneyupdate.com

If you don’t know what hte Occupational Outlook Handbook is please check it out.

You will thank me later.

Basically, it takes every career path and sums it up for you. It’s pretty easy to use and is completely free.

I’ve obviously decided to concentrate this post on reporters and correspondents.

That’s directly off the page and it’s not too promising.

Consider that employment is declining and is projected to continue in that direction for the next decade, or so. It really puts everything into perspective very quickly.

I have to remind everyone that it’s not about the money. It really isn’t. I’m not in this profession to get rich.

It’s a privilege for me to work at the Chronicle. I just had to make sure I said that. I’m not poking fun at what I do. I’m simply saying if all you want to do is make money, then journalism isn’t for you. You’ll be sorely disappointed.

Not sure you have what it takes or want to be a reporter, go here.

That site will give you everything from tasks, skills and more about what you will need to do and learn to become a journalist. It’s  a really good resource to have, especially if you aren’t sure if you want to be a journalist.

It’ll help you answer questions and draw a nice picture of what to expect when you get on the job. It even talks about what work styles and values you should have before considering it.

So, what will you decide?



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