Is Print Okay?



I’ve been asking myself this question for some awhile.

I’ve worried about it since I graduated from CCSU just over a year ago.

I came across this Poynter recently and I’ve been compelled to mention it.

Written by , the piece really, really is pretty interesting and I recommend anyone read it.

It’s a bit long, but you’ll thank me later. I promise. If you are worried about print, or just curious about what’s going on, take the time to read it. 

Disclaimer: I am not a media guru, nor am I a media expert. This is just my opinion and view of the industry after a year on the print side of things. I will never say I’m an expert at anything, except, maybe, horrendous photography.

Even the editors I work with have no idea what the future holds. It’s hard to talk to them about it, but they’ve slowly begun to open up about it. They still don’t say much of anything.

Edmonds gives me hope for the printed paper.

Whether that’s with a lean to the digital world or not, he has given me hope.

The one thing that the Chronicle has going for it is how local we are. I think that’s a huge factor in the paper’s survival since 1877. I think local is what people are looking for.

Edmonds also gives hope to the digital takeover, which some say may take decades and not just a few years.

That’s something I’ve worried about for a long time. We are still seeing it play out with papers and magazines stopping their presses, in what seems like a monthly occurrence.

Even with all of this hope, a quick Google search puts me back into reality.

The future is bleak.

It’ll be tough and only get tougher.

The news will always be sought, though.

And the reporters will be there.



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