Story of the Week 2/3

CVS fined $800K by DEEP for violations

This week was pretty busy. I had a lot to choose from. Look for a more in-depth post on a fire I covered this past week.

The story featured here sort of fell in my lap. I had no inkling about it until a town official just happened to tell me in passing at a meeting on Tuesday. I didn’t think much of it. I wrote it down and looked it up after the meeting. What I found took me a bit by surprise.

I immediately copied and pasted that release into an e-mail and sent it to both my editors. I knew that they would want the story ASAP, since two of our towns were covered in the fine. I had that in my head going into work on Wednesday.

I knew it would be tricky, but the story actually turned out pretty good.

I had to call a ton of people, which actually made it a pretty meaty story. I got a lot of room for it, thank god, and I was more than happy to write as much as I did.

I was able to get a hold of so many people, which helped a lot. I wasn’t sure how many people were going to get back to me. It was nice to get DEEP’s statement in, along with the spokesman’s words from CVS. I think that really rounded the story off pretty well.

I would have felt a bit “funny” not having the CVS statement in there. The story would have been published either way, but I made sure to put DeAngelis’ full statement in the story.

I never thought I’d have to cover anything like that. Our towns are so small that I didn’t think they’d have anything “big” like this happen.

I think everyone in the newsroom was pretty taken aback by what the release said.

We all definitely have our eyes out for these things now.



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