What You Should Be Reading 2/2

via cbsnews.com

via cbsnews.com | Caleb Moore

Welcome to this week’s “What You Should Be Reading.”

I don’t follow ESPN’s X Games anymore, but I had to include the loss of Caleb Moore. Moore died Thursday from injuries sustained during a snowmobiling competition. To see the crash go here. Moore suffered a concussion and developed bleeding around his heart. He ended up having a complication involving his brain before he died. RIP Caleb.

In more depressing news, there was a terror attack on the U.S. embassy in Turkey that killed two people. A suicide bomber had the explosion go off at the entrance to the building. It’s all just scary to think about. These types of attacks won’t stop anytime soon. We have to realize that.

It’s one thing to keep an eye on.

On the media front, the NYT reported that it was hacked by Chinese hackers. And just today the NYT reported that the WSJ was also hacked by Chinese hackers, as well. This is definitely something that I didn’t believe at first. It’s a great read and should be taken seriously. This is the Grey Lady we are talking about.

I won’t talk about the gun hearings too much, but make sure you watch this:

The Newtown shooting hearings will continue for the foreseeable future and we should all keep an ear, and an eye, to what’s being discussed.



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