Where’s Your Calculator?

via ticalc.org

via ticalc.org

I’ve barely mentioned high school in this blog, but the one thing I got out of it, that I still use on a regular basis, is my calculator.

That would be my TI-83 calculator to be exact.

Now, I was never good at math (I took Calculus my senior year and bombed my way to a barely passing grade), but I always loved my calculator. I don’t how to use use most of the functions for it anymore, but, even today, I use my calculator almost daily.

With budget season upon our municipalities, I’m using it even more.

I just put in new batteries the other week, in preparation for all of the use it will get in the coming weeks and months.

I really hate using my calculator app on my Mac and PC. It’s awkward to type in the numbers and I’d rather have them on my desk then having to keep looking up at my monitor.

Plus, the calculations (mill rate included) are easier to do from my calculator.

Disclaimer: You don’t have to use a TI-83 calculator. I use mine because with budgets in the tens of millions, I really don’t like using the cheap, smaller calculators. I figured that I would highlight the TI-83s because, going through high school, everyone had to have one of their own. Maybe that’s different around the country? I don’t know. So, again, you don’t have to spend a lot of money, but I just prefer the TI-83 because I’ve used it since 2005.

I always like to check and double-check my numbers in my stories and the bottom-line numbers for the budgets I cover. You never know when you will find a mistake. Believe me, I’m sure it’s happened.

With a calculator on your person, you can have math at your fingertips to do things at meetings, after interviews or just on the fly in general. It’s really an invaluable tool.

This all may sound nerdy and dorkish, but it’s the truth. The object of being a reporter is accuracy. Your numbers have to be spot on, all the time. The calculator that you should have will be able to keep you on track and allow you to do your job well.

This is just a common sense approach.

The price shouldn’t even be a problem. You can always find used/refurbished ones. They are just a Google search away.

Do you agree?


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