A Simple Judgement Call

via billdodgeautogroup.com

via billdodgeautogroup.com

I made the conscious decision to not go to any meetings Monday night. I actually had a doubleheader, but, upon fruther review, I decided to not risk my life and car and stay home.

It was actually a pretty tough decision. I wasn’t happy about it, too. Ask my Dad if you don’t believe me.

I called the respective town halls, to make sure that they weren’t on.

One of my meetings was postponed, the other wasn’t. I’m really not sure why the other wasn’t. I mean, even if the volunteers live in town, that’s a pretty risky bet to get everyone at the town hall. It seems a bit scary.

Before I made my decision, I was weighing the pros and cons of going to those meetings. I was really dead set on going.

If you haven’t figured out already, I hate following up on meetings the next day. I like being there, seeing/hearing the discussions and wrapping up my stories then and there. I really get uncomfortable following up on things because it’s always a different story. It’s never as good as if you were there. It’s just not the same and I can tell. It bothers me.

Th pros of going are slim, in the scheme of things. I realize that my health and safety come first. I shouldn’t risk my life, especially when it comes to meetings. There’s nothing too major in the meetings, but, rather, things that I’ve been tracking for awhile that I want to continue to keep up on.

I knew that I was protesting, in my head, for nothing. Staying home was the right decision and I shouldn’t have thought otherwise.

The last thing I need is to get stuck 20 miles from home at 9 p.m. on a Monday night in the middle of nowhere. That wouldn’t be fun.

Have you ever had any snow predicaments? Let me know!



2 Responses to A Simple Judgement Call

  1. Marie Brennan says:

    Get stressed out at making the same decision every time the beeper goes of while its storming or snowing. Will it be worth it?

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