Get Your Shovel



I don’t think we are supposed to get that much in eastern Connecticut, but who knows with these horrendous weather forecasts.

I was luckly last winter with having a very calm winter. There was only one day where there was any cold precipitation, if I remember correctly.

This winter, we’ved had a number of storms with more of the white stuff coming down this week. And there is more expected before the weekend.

No matter how much snow we get, the news doesn’t stop. The stories still have to be written and, yes, I still have to drive to work. The weather may make it a pain, but it can only be just a bump in the road.

As a journalist there are no snow days.

Unless it’s two feet of snow, I get to drive into work. It’s not that bad. My car isn’t terrible in the snow. It’s the way it is. I’m expected to be at work no matter how much snow we get.

The last snowstorm, where we got about five inches, the plows hadn’t been out yet and I drove to work with five inches of snow on the ground for over 18 miles. I got up a bit earlier that I normally would have and I made sure I left my home with enough time for me to have a half-hour of extra time.

I ended up getting to work directly on time. I was stressed out because I went 20mph for most of the way, but it all worked out.

Instead of snow days, we have snow round-ups where you call town and district officials to see how the towns are doing. They are actually pretty easy to do and a lot of fun.

They give you an excuse to call the towns you cover and see how people are doing. When you talk to people about everyday things, they open up a bit more. I really want to use the word “candid” here because town officials are regular people and they know we are just doing our jobs. So, it’s nice to have a “regular” talk with them from time to time. They all know the drill.

Snow days also allow you to catch up on the things you wanted to write, but haven’t had time to write them.

They aren’t that bad, unless you are the one shoveling.



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