What You Should Be Reading 1/19

President Obama and VP Biden introduced their plan to reduce gun violence this week. It’s pretty extensive and took me a long time to read. The transcript is here.

Since Dec. 14, we have all spoken about it, at length, in our everyday lives. I’m not sure what will get passed and what won’t. It’s a very powerful issue. There’s much more to be talked about in this long road ahead.

We all have to keep one ear to the wind on this topic.


If you didn’t know who Manti Te’o was before this week, you should now.

The Notre Dame football star is under fire for possibly making up his dead girlfriend, who passed away last year. Or did she?

It’s spun out of control and, I still have yet to fully understand what’s going on. Deadspin uncovered it with two writers, one a senior in college.

via tmz.com

via tmz.com

For some reading on this, go here, here and here. I reccomend reading as much as you can on this. I know there’s a lot going on with this story, but, in my opinion, you really cannot read enough about it.

Sports columnists have had a field day with this. As of this writing, Te’o has yet to speak publicly about this. I’m patiently waiting to find out what really happened.


On the other side of the world, Islamist militants attacked a natural gas production complex in the desert, taking many hostages, including Americans.

Military forces were already in talks to secure everyone’ release as of this update.

On Friday, U.S. Defense Secretary Panetta said the militants will be “hunted down.” There wasn’t much more information that I could find.

At a time when we are worried about liars and hoaxes, it’s important to realize there are much more important situations all over the world.


Last, but not least. Lance Armstrong came clean to Oprah on Thursday and Friday. It’s nothing the nation and the world doesn’t already it, but it was still a shock to many.

via bigthink.com

I really don’t think we should be surprised, but that’s just me. I’m pretty upset by what Armstrong did. I appreciate what Livestrong has done for cancer research, but Armstrong cannot and should not be trusted in any capacity ever again. We need to be sure that we take his comments lightly because he could have easily been lying during both interviews with Oprah.

What’s stopping him now?

What news did I miss this week?



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