Making Changes on the Fly



There are days when things get hectic and there are days when things turn into chaos.

Tuesday morning was pure chaos.

I had two front pages stories, including a feature and a hard news story. I had finished the feature on Monday and I finished the news story relatively early on Tuesday morning.

Now, that may not sound like chaos, but add an entire newsroom full of workers making noise, moving furniture and whatever else you can think of. We are getting our carpets taken out, with tiles going down. The problem is whoever put in the original carpet (which is over concrete) decided to glue the carpet to the floor.

Fast forward 30 years and these workers have to literally jackhammer the remains of the carpet after they rip it up. It’s a long and tedious process that is unforgiving on your ears. Trust me.

Now, I never got frustrated during all of that. I just got nervous. My editors both had questions for me on both stories. I needed to add a graph here and another there. I had to explain something there and omit a redundancy here. It was a lot to work on, especially since I was trying to start another feature at the same time.

My editors worked with me and I fixed what they had questions on. I did it on the fly and no one go too mad. Both stories came back to me several times, which never makes anyone happy, but I made sure I sent it back to them as quickly as I could. A lot of the questions were things that needed clarification and things I had left out to stay within the “budget.”

It’s never a fun thing to do, but it’s a huge part of the newsroom. Editors want things done and done quickly. They don’t care what you are working on at the moment. They want their questions answered. It’s all on the fly. You may be on the phone and they could ask you something.

It’s a lot of things to balance, but it’s a huge part of the job. It doesn’t come naturally. It takes time and  your editors will press you until you get comfortable with it. I use comfortable lightly because I did get really nervous on Tuesday. I hate letting people down and I put a lot of pressure on myself.

This can apply to a lot of other things in life, as well.

Can you name a few?



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