The White House App

via my iPhone

via my iPhone

I really had no idea that this app existed until Wednesday. It had completely been off my radar and I should have known better.

The Official White House app is free, interactive and easy to use. If you hate Obama or not, it’s a one-stop place for briefings, statements, pictures, and whatever else you can think of.

It’s nice to keep in the loop and the White House certainly makes it really easy for us. It can be downloaded for free on iPhone, iPad, and Android, so don’t worry.

We really don’t have an excuse to not keep ourselves up on what’s going on.

Call me a nerd or geek, but I try to watch the press briefings and whenever Obama speaks publicly. It’s hard sometimes, but with the app, I really don’t have a way out.

It’s not flashy and it doesn’t require much skill to use.

I’d recommend this app to anyone, political or not.

via my iPhone

via my iPhone

This one is really a no-brainer.

UPDATE: President Obama and V.P. Biden Unveil a Package of Proposals to Reduce Gun Violence will start around noon today.



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