So Many Words



I came across a nice guide for commonly misused words and I wanted to share it here. I seem to make the same mistakes over and over again and I also wanted to make everyone aware that there are words that need to be fully understood.

If I write this post, I think I’ll be able to remember things better. I can at least hope.

At or “Simon Townsend Journalism and Writing,” I found the guide and it’s something we should all take a quick look at.

We all mix up words daily. Sometimes we catch ourselves, but many times we go with what we think is right because we’ve done it for such a long time. We go about our business and don’t think twice about it.

I know that I do it. My editors try to get some of the the words I mix up into my head, but it’s a slow process. To have a guide like this is priceless.

From technical to regular words, Townsend goes down a pretty extensive list that I have bookmarked for future use.

One way to avoid getting too wordy is to write “tight.”

The trick is to not use excess words when something can be said directly, with less language. We aren’t trying to woo the readers here. We are trying to get the information accurately onto our pages to tell the story. It’s nonfiction, not a Stephen King novel.

Of course, that is easier said then done, but, once you have the grasp of it, it gets easier and easier to do. It becomes a part of you and it’ll help to combat the mistakes you may have been making.


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