Story of the Week 1/13

This week was pretty busy. Even though I only had seven stories in, I really felt like I had written 20, but that’s a different post.

I was in Franklin for most of this week. The school board has been working hard to get their district safe and secure.

I wanted to put in the two stories I had from the district in this post because I am sure other school boards are going through the exact same problems.

Emotions run high at safety forum…..Some Franklin parents want armed personnel in school

Franklin may vote on school safety

All of this comes down to what school boards want to do.

Do they decide to put guns in schools, or not?

It’s a question I’m not sure many our country’s leaders are sure of yet. It’s something that pulls at a long of emotions for people on both sides of the argument.

It won’t be an easy decision and it certainly won’t be out of the papers anytime soon.



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