What You Should Be Reading 1/12

This week has been pretty interesting.

Now, I don’t really talk about sports here, but I had to put in what the NYT did with the news of no one getting into the Baseball Hall of Fame this week.

I’m only going to use a picture to relay my message, just like the NYT. Read this story for more.

via usatoday.com

via usatoday.com

I won’t throw any of my opinions into this post, but it certainly surprised me that no one got into the HOF this year. I’m still waiting for some more analysis to come out and some player reactions, as well. This won’t go away any time soon and has already set a precedent for future ballots.

If you’ve been living under a rock the past week, the world’s weather is really, really crazy right now. It’s hotter and colder than anyone has seen. The NYT has it covered.

To summarize…

“China is enduring its coldest winter in nearly 30 years. Brazil is in the grip of a dreadful heat spell. Eastern Russia is so freezing — minus 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and counting — that the traffic lights recently stopped working in the city of Yakutsk.” via NYT


“Bush fires are raging across Australia, fueled by a record-shattering heat wave. Pakistan was inundated by unexpected flooding in September. A vicious storm bringing rain, snow and floods just struck the Middle East. And in the United States, scientists confirmed this week what people could have figured out simply by going outside: last year was the hottest since records began.” also via the NYT

It’s just something to keep an eye on.

On Thursday, there was another school shooting in California, where a 16-year-old student entered a high school with a 12-gauge shotgun. No one was killed.

I encourage you to read this story. Several adults were able to calm the student down, before anyone else could be seriously injured or killed.

That’s just another thing to keep our eyes on.

Also, the flu is bad. Very bad. The Atlantic puts it into perspective here.

via The Atlantic

via The Atlantic

UPDATE: Connecticut is now reporting “intense” flu activity.

Please visit the CDC web site for more information to keep you and your family safe. No one wants the flu!

I’m sure I missed a few things. Let me know!



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