Back Into the Swing of Things



Monday went great.

I had a feeling I would have some trouble, but I was able to get back into things quite smoothly.

I woke up on time, got to work on time and worked well with being back on deadline. I didn’t have any original stories to pitch, but it all ended up working out for the best.

Mike had me chase three things down, which I gladly accepted. I was able to finish one brief and two stories with no major problems. I found that taking a week off slowed by typing skills a bit and that 7 a.m. is pretty early to be at work.

It was nice to get thrown back at the wolves again. The pressure of deadline really sobered me up to being back on the job. It wasn’t like I was gone for months, but, in many ways, it felt like it.

I made a ton of calls and felt like I hadn’t really missed much.

I had to skip a council meeting Coventry to go to a public hearing in Franklin on school security since the tragedy in Newtown.

The public hearing went a lot better than I had originally thought and, again, was a great way for me to end my first day back at work. I had a ton of notes and I had to take pictures, so I really worked for my money on Monday.

All of it was encouraging, since I was really worried about coming back and being able to get into the swing of things again. I really shouldn’t worry about that stuff, but I do.

And with taking the pictures, I really worked myself up. I had to calm down before I got into the meeting.

To be honest, I shouldn’t get like that, but I worry my story will suffer if I take too many pictures. And then I worry that if I don’t take enough pictures my editors won’t be happy in the morning. I expect a lot out of myself.

It worked out because I got a front row seat, right in front of the podium. I was able to take pictures and jot down my notes without really disturbing anyone.

Now, I just need a better camera.

The rest of the week has gone really well, too. I had four meeting in four days, but I’ve still been able to keep my sleep pattern.

With budget season underway, it’s really time for me to be on my game.



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