I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’ve wanted to blog about it for some time, but I wasn’t sure how to approach it, especially since I already have a stable job at the Chronicle.

I’m going to tread quietly here and see how this goes.

For the record, I consider myself very family oriented. I’m a momma’s boy and I know that I don’t want to be too far away from home when I settle down with a family of my own. I know I’m only 23, but I’m pretty sure that won’t change as I get older. But if I had to, I would move (just not far away). For me, it’s something I’ve never really had to do. Right now, I still live at home and I’ve only lived away from home for two semesters, while I was a freshman in college at the University of New Haven. It wasn’t that far away, either. At 45 minutes, my parents would frequently come to get me, or come to down to visit for lunch or dinner. I was “away,” but not really “away” at the same time.

Relocating is a big decision, which would require resources and big life decisions. It’s also a lot of work. If I won the lottery, I think I could do it easily, but it would be tough to leave my family.

Now, I know it’s not technically leaving. I felt obligated to point that out.

As a journalist, I know I really shouldn’t be complaining like this about relocating, but I’m just being honest. It’s something that I will most likely have to do at some point in my life. It’s inevitable as more and more papers cease to print, or fold altogether. Even for an online paper, I would have to relocate to cover the news.

I’ve come to that reality already and it’s not like I really have a choice in the matter. You can’t really work from home in this profession. You have to be in the towns and talking to people. That’s just the way it is. I have no idea where the next 10 years will take me, but I’ll be covering the news either way.

People will still want the news in 10 years…….. right?



4 Responses to Relocating

  1. I think the news is more important than ever (especially with the 24 hour news cycle), it’s really just the delivery method that’s changing, as you touched on in your post. We really do live in a global community now and people want to know what’s happening the moment it happens, no matter where in the world “it” might be. I think you’ve already got a few major puzzle pieces fit into place by being flexible and open to whatever changes might come your way. Great post.

    • Hey Amy! (Thanks for reading!)

      You hit it right on the nose. The 24-hour news cycle is insane. And like I said in the post, people wanted the news 10 minutes ago.

      I have no choice, but to be flexible and able to adapt. If I didn’t I’d be in big trouble haha. It’s still something I’m getting used to, though. Everything is constantly changing.

      Thanks again Amy. Miss you and Love you.


  2. jody/mom says:

    Since I am your Mom I do not have to”like” that this may have to occur in your future,but down deep we all know its a serious reality!!!!

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